The Best Professional Super Angel Juicers

If you want the best, buy a Super Angel Juicer. That’s really what you should have in your kitchen. The Super Angel Juicer is not just a commercial juicer. It’s the best centrifuge on the market. Look why.

The Super Angel Juicer is the most advanced juicer in the world. The whole structure is made of stainless steel. Its innovative technology, high quality and exceptional durability make it the best juicer on the market.

Super Angel Double Sprocket Juicer All Stainless Steel – 5500

The Super Angel juicers can squeeze almost anything. You can pick any fruit, vegetable or wheatgrass and it will give you a juice so good that you will always want more. The revolutionary stainless steel construction features a two-stage knife pressure system that turns to hold all the enzymes and nutrients in your juice.

It crushes and grinds food into very small particles and slowly pushes them down, leaving all enzymes intact without releasing heat. It is so special that it delivers almost twice as much juice and quality as standard juices.

So if you want the best, choose the Super Angel Juicer! You’ll be more than satisfied.


  • Excellent quality, strength and durability
  • Advanced technology for larger amounts of juice.
  • It preserves all enzymes and produces the healthiest and tastiest juices.


  • Too expensive.


  • High quality products
  • Multifunctional
  • Modern technology
  • Contains all enzymes


  • More expensive than the other models.

Super Angel Dual Speed Juice Extractor All Stainless Steel – 5500 pieces

The Super Angel All Stainless-Steel Twin Gear – 5500 is the best juicer on the market. It is equipped with a two-stage juicer and consists of surgical stainless steel parts. The whole structure is made of stainless steel. Imagine how long an engine will last if the manufacturer gives you a 10-year warranty on engines and parts. It is not enough to say that this model is excellent. It’s really more than that! Super Live Juice Extractor Super Angel can squeeze almost anything you want. Mash wheat and spinach from carrots, apples or strawberries, or soy milk and delicious tofu. She can do anything you can think of. And in greater quantity and better quality than any other juice producer.

Technical Information

Two double speed drills – 5500…

The revolutionary stainless steel design features a two-stage knife pressure system that rotates at a minimum speed of 86 rpm, ideal for retaining all enzymes and nutrients in the juice. It has an automatic cooling system for overheating in the centrifuge and a self-regulating motor temperature sensor. It measures 21.7 x 14.5 x 10.1 inches and weighs 26.9 pounds.

Product data

It is ideal for growing wheat, chlorophyll, barley, grasses and seedlings. It can even make delicious soy milk and tofu, while the juices are full of enzymes and vitamins from the fruits and vegetables you choose. It saves you time, adapts to all cooking styles and gives you lots of fun. Above all, he will prepare delicious and healthy fruit juices for you every day. It is also very easy to clean and will serve you for many, many years. No wonder customers are enthusiastic and the Super Angel Juicer is the best juicer in the world.

What is the quality of the juice?

This model is of very high quality, probably the best centrifuge on the market. At least that’s what the customers say. Not only is it made entirely of stainless steel, but it also works at the lowest possible speed, which is ideal for obtaining all the enzymes, vitamins and other healthy ingredients from the fruit and vegetables used. This is the main advantage over other juicers. Juices cooked in the Super Angel Juicer are simply richer in flavor and offer a more intense aroma. You should try to see them with your own eyes. These juices are really something special! Something you’ve never tried before.

What is the warranty period? How long does the refund policy apply?

If a manufacturer offers a very long warranty, such as in this case where you have a 10 year warranty on engines and parts, you can be sure that this product is really good quality. And this one’s really one of the best. So don’t worry, buy it and enjoy the healthy, wholesome juices.
If you don’t know what’s good, look what’s expensive! And in fact, the Super Angel All Stainless-Steel Twin Gear Juicer – 5500 is the best juicer on the market, the best in the world! It’s really the one you should have. As you’ve seen, it’s durable, powerful, produces the healthiest juices and has a stylish design to match any style of kitchen. So buy and enjoy!