4 Easy steps to planting a vegetable garden

How to Plant a Vegetable Garden Step by Step ?

Planting a Vegetable Garden In 4 Easy Steps

As our world is fast changing, more people are looking out for ways to economize without having to compromise the quality in the products that we eat.  Many people all over the globe are looking to growing their own vegetables and fruit.  Not only is it ecologically friendly to grow your own, making a vegetable garden is not as hard as you would think.  Here are some simple actions that I use. 

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Steps to planting a vegetable garden

1.Pick out your veggies:

This is done awfully easily.  You can go to the closest garden supply store and buy the seeds in those tiny packets that you plant yourself from the start, or you can purchase what are called seedlings.  These are plants that have already have been started for you.  Either ones will work.  I like using the sprouts though. 

2.  Decide on your layout:

It’s insignificant if you have got a great big yard or merely a tiny box on your back deck, you need your garden to be organized.  Make a drawing of the space that you’ve got and how you want your garden to look.  There are a couple of easy methods to layout your garden.  If you’ve a lot of room you may want to make a different row for each type of plant.  If you only have a tiny area, you could set them up in a little square area.  Either way you need to make a marker so you know what’s growing where. 

3.Planting your garden:

When doing this, you need to space you plants or seeds about 6-8 inches apart, this may give the roots sufficient room to grow.  If you are using seeds to plant with, just put your finger about half inch into the soil.  Place the seeds into the hole and cover lightly with soil.  If the seeds are actually tiny, you can just place them at once on top of the soil.  If you are using sprouts, bury them in soil up to the pinnacle of the root ball.  Note: Plants such as tomatoes, crush, corn, eggplant, and green beans should be planted about 12 inches apart as their roots require more room. 

4.Water your plants:

When you originally start your garden you will need to water your plants well.  After the initial planting you will need to saturate the ground.  This could initiate the growing of your seeds by getting them to”take root”.  If you are using sprouts, this will inspire your roots to spread making your plants stronger.  This should be done on an everyday basis for the first week.

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