Plant air purifiers in the Corona Crisis

Plant air purifiers in the Corona Crisis

The Tree is a great blessing of nature and has innumerable benefits for human beings. The US space agency NASA has identified some of the plants that draw attention to trees’ most important and useful quality. Which have the potential to clean up our environment. These plants and trees absorb toxic substances, dust, chemicals from the air. And their presence at home can be said to guarantee really good health and especially protection against respiratory diseases.

These useful plants are as follows:

Aloe vera air Purifier Plant :

This common plant absorbs chemicals such as carbon dioxide. This plant alone can serve as the equivalent of nine biological air purifiers.

Ficus air Purifier Plant:

It does not need so much light and it can be easily grown at home. It is important to keep children away from this plant, as its leaves can be poisonous.

Morning Glory Air Purifier Plant:

This vine enhances the beauty of the house and absorbs 60% of the toxic substances from the air in just six hours.

Spider plant:

This plant is capable of absorbing substances such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and styrene present in 200 square meters.

Snake plant:

It can survive in very low light, and can even be placed in the bedroom. This is especially useful in the sense that it releases oxygen at night.

Peace Lily Air Purifier Plant:

It is an herb and absorbs toxic substances such as formalin dehydrate and trichloroethylene. NASA says 15 to 18 plants are enough for an area of 500 square meters.


According to NASA, this plant is extremely useful for clearing the chemical benzene found in the air, it cleans the air and increases the amount of oxygen at night. It can also be fitted in the living room. Available in colors like orange, white, yellow. The flowers of this plant remain open for at least two weeks. Its plants need a lot of water. It is better to fill the pot with water completely. Placing this plant in any corner of the house makes the room look attractive.

According to a technical report, planting at home significantly reduces mental fatigue and stress. It also makes you feel refreshed. Be sure to sit near these plants for some time during the day.

It is a good idea to open all the windows and doors at least once a day for fresh air in the house. Also, if you are cooking or taking a bath, use a ventilator fan to remove harmful particles and excess air.

Also, pay special attention to the cleanliness of the plants, do not allow dry leaves to accumulate in the pots, and from time to time carefully cut off the branches that have reached the base of the leaves.

Most plants grow better in soils that allow water to flow easily over a short period of time and retain moisture so that the roots receive water as well as oxygen in adequate quantities. 

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