5 healthy Herbs to Grow in indoor kitchen herb garden

Healthy Herbs to Grow in Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden

healthy Herbs to Grow in indoor kitchen herb garden – Herbs can make your food taste better and can offer it an irresistible flavor that will fill your entire house. Besides, some herbs are very healthy and can improve your overall health condition so you should give them a try. Growing them in your kitchen means you will always have them within reach and you will always use fresh herbs for cooking, so why not starting a herb garden at home? Here are 5 healthy herbs that can enhance the taste of your food while taking care of your health.

Rosemary Grow in Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden

This aromatic herb has a strong scent that will freshen your kitchen and will wrap it in a delicate fragrance every time you touch it, so make sure you plant it somewhere where you can often brush it. Rosemary is known for its ability to fight cancer due to the carnosic acid it contains and it also improves your memory and your brain activity. Plant it where it can get plenty of sun and water it frequently. If there isn’t enough sun in your kitchen, use a led grow light that offers your herbs enough light for a proper growth.

Basil Grow in Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden

If you don’t use to add basil to your food, it’s time you start doing that and you have all the right reasons to grow it in your kitchen. First of all, it contains fibers that help you with your diet and has great detoxifying effects that improve the functioning of your liver. Also, it can help you get rid of skin blemishes and the best part is that it grows very easy. You simply plant it and water it from time to time and it will soon fill your kitchen with a nice scent.

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Parsley Grow in Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden


One of the most common herbs yet with great health benefits is parsley that you can easily add to many dishes. This herb contains many nutrients and vitamins like A, C, and K in high doses so you can ensure your daily intake. It can protect your stomach and ease digestion and is an excellent aid for keeping your blood healthy. Although it grows slower, parsley is very comfortable to grow and it should be one of the herbs in your kitchen.


You can solve your respiratory problems with this powerful herb with excellent antiseptic and antimicrobial effects. Thyme can also improve your breath and protect your teeth from cavities and is a calorie-free herb that can add taste to your food without ruining your diet. You only need to place it in a sunny spot and water it occasionally and it will grow on its own.


indoor kitchen herb garden

Another popular herb with excellent health benefits is dill that carries many antioxidants that improve your overall health condition. It is great for rejuvenating your body and it keeps you away from the nasty hiccups. Dill is great for indoor growing and it requires plenty of sun and weekly watering, so you can also place it underneath a led grow light to make sure it will grow properly.

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