How to wash clothes in a washing machine? (Fully & Semi-automatic)

Hey there, are you confronting trouble with washing your clothes in the washing machine? Don’t worry! We got all the things covered in this article. In this article, you will find a step by step guide to ‘How to wash clothes in a washing machine?’

We assure you that you will learn a lot of stuff if you just purchased a new washing machine. Also, the experienced user will pick up a few great tips to wash clothes more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, we have covered both fully automatic & semi-automatic washing machines.

It is easy to start a washing machine and wash the clothes right away. But, there are some guidelines that you should consider if you don’t want to damage the clothes and increase the lifespan of both the clothes and the washing machine.

Firstly, you will find a step by step guide to washing clothes in a washing machine. After that, we will explain the things that you should consider to wash clothes in a fully-automatic & semi-automatic washing machine.

After reading the article, you will be an expert in answering ‘How to wash clothes in a washing machine?

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

A step by step guide for ‘How to wash clothes in a Washing Machine?

1. Prepare and sort the clothes before washing

Firstly, you must know how to sort out the clothes. Make sure that you do not put them inside the washing machine altogether. Every fabric is different. Hence, some might require a special kind of treatment. Sometimes when the clothes are new, they tend to lose their colour. So while you are sorting clothes, place your clothes in three halves according to colours. The three halves would be your whites, light-coloured, and dark-coloured.

While you are sorting the clothes, make sure to check the pockets. On many occasions, people put coins, money, or essential items that can cause trouble while washing. So taking them out on a prior basis will let you avoid any future mishap.

2. Remove any stain or dirt that needs to be pre-treated

Generally, we don’t put much focus on the stains before putting them in the washing machine. Some stubborn stains may become permanent after being washed. Hence, it gets more difficult to remove them afterwards. So it would be better to treat all the stubborn stains or dirt before the washing process.

For instance, the collars of your shirts might have stubborn dust or stains. To clean it, you can brush the collars a little after putting some detergent on them. The detergent will remove all the stains, and your clothes will look as good as new. You can do the same for the hems of your jeans.

3. Check the clothes for the wash care information

Most of the clothes have a tag attached that contains detailed information about the cloth and fabric. If you want to increase the clothing lifespan, you need to wash them according to the instructions on the tag. When you read the care tag thoroughly, you will learn about the fabric and what type of detergent you can use on them.

The care tag will also have information about bleaching. It is because some fabrics are allergic to bleach. You might need to keep them away from the bleach as it can weaken the cloth or fabric.

4. Set the water temperature as per your need

Now, you can set the temperature of the water to cold or warm. Some people prefer using cold water, and some go for hot water. It is mainly just the preference of the user. But if you want your clothes to look & feel best, you should go for warm water while washing and cold water while rinsing the clothes.

When it comes to washing your delicates, you should always use cold water. The cold water will help the fabric to stay soft and strong. The warm water and too much detergent can cause damage to the delicate clothing and decrease their lifespan.

Moreover, always wash your light-coloured clothes in warm water because light-coloured clothes get dirty quickly, and warm water can effectively remove the dirt. Besides, using cold water on the dark-coloured clothes will set the colour, and it will not fade over time.

5. Set the cycle period of washing clothes

For washing the clothes correctly, you need to set a specific cycle that will define the wash period. You can find everything related to the machine wash cycle in the manual. Not every washing machine may have the same features, and its working will also not be the same. So if you are intrigued about learning how to wash clothes in your new washing machine, you might need to read the manual.

There are three types of cycles; one for delicates, one for a quick wash, and the third for fabrics like silk or wool. If you have an advanced washing machine model, you will be able to find the names of the fabric on the cycle option. But some semi-automatic machines don’t have such features, so you need to know the proper and exact cycle to use while washing clothes.

6. Types of detergents to use

There are two kinds of detergents available in the market. They are liquid and powder-based detergents. People have different perspectives but using liquid detergent turns out to be the best one. People are fond of liquid detergent because it dissolves well in the water, and it doesn’t stick to the clothes. Powder detergent is not well soluble, and it can get clogged in the machine holes. And, Because of the clogged holes, the wash cycle might run into trouble or get slow.

If you directly put powder detergent on the clothes, it can damage the colour of the clothes. Hence, we recommend mixing the detergent in the water first. When you use liquid detergent, it doesn’t get clogged and also doesn’t discolour the clothes.

There are numerous and different brands available in the market for both liquid and powder detergent. You must check the reviews of the detergents and always buy the best detergents. Using the right detergent increases the lifespan of your washing machine.

7. Use fabric softener

Not every fabric needs a softener, but you can put it in the rinse cycle if you want. It keeps the fabrics soft and wrinkle-free. You can find different types of fabric softeners in the market.

However, do not use more than the required amount. Please read the printed instructions on the box or container of fabric softener. Also, make sure to check the tag on clothes to ensure if there is any information related to the use of fabric softeners.

8. Dry the clothes

Now, it is time to put the clothes into the dryer after the wash. Some people prefer to dry the clothes directly under the sun, but using the dryer before that will save you a lot of time.

Put the clothes in the dryer and let the cycle complete. If you let the clothes stay in the dryer for long, there will be permanent wrinkles on the clothes. Those wrinkles will break your back while ironing because it is not going to be easy. So it would be best if you take the clothes out of the dryer on time and let them dry under the sun and wind. If you used fabric softener on them, there would be fewer wrinkles and clothes will dry easily.

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How to wash clothes in a fully-automatic washing machine?

Before we get to how to wash clothes in a fully-automatic washing machine, you should know ‘What is a fully-automatic washing machine?’ 

A fully-automatic machine can do everything you need at the touch of a few buttons. It doesn’t need a person’s total attention while washing clothes. These machines are pretty easy to operate, as all you need to know is the contents of the manual, and all functions are already well defined on the washing machine. 

There are two types of fully-automatic machines. And their names are:

  1. Top load machines
  2. Front-load machines

Let’s see the necessary things that you should consider while washing clothes. 

How to wash clothes in a top-load fully automatic washing machine?

Top load machines are easy to use. The washing machine door is at the top. Hence, you have to put the clothes in from the top door. Top load machines are cheaper and lighter in weight as compared to front-load machines. These machines are popular and are available in a broader range in the market at a reasonable price.  

The process of washing the clothes in the top load fully-automatic machines:
  • Firstly, choose the type of detergent. You can pick either liquid or powder detergent to put in the machine. Some top-load washing machines have a detergent dispenser, and some don’t. So if there is a dispenser, put the detergent in that or just put it directly into the wash drum. 
  • Add clothes to the machine. Don’t forget to separate the clothes before putting them inside the machine. People often forget to separate the clothes in a hurry and then find their favorite whites colored in swatches.
  • While loading clothes inside the washing machine, make sure there is still some space between the lid and the drum. Don’t overload the washing machine, or it can harm the clothes and washing machine.
  • After loading the clothes in the washing machine and closing the lid, select the washing cycle time.
  • Select the washing cycle according to the fabric of your clothes. It is crucial to select the water cycle according to the fabrics of clothes to make sure it doesn’t get damaged while washing. Pick the right wash cycle and push the start button.
  • Now, please relax and wait till the wash cycle ends and take the load out of the machine. 
  • Dry your clothes, and they are fresh and feel as good as new.

How to wash clothes in a front-load fully-automatic washing machine?

Front-load fully-automatic machines are a bit more advanced than the top load machines. It is because they have much more detailed buttons, dials, and options. These buttons can sometimes confuse the consumer, but you don’t need to worry when you get the hang of it, it gets easy to use. In this machine, you have to bend a bit & load clothes in the wash drum through the front door.  

The process to wash clothes in the front-load fully-automatic machine:
  •  Fully-automatic machines always have detergent dispensers. Check the instructions given on the container of the detergent and put the exact amount in that small drawer. 
  • After that, sort the clothes properly and put them inside the washing machine. Make sure to check the pockets of your garments before loading them inside the washing machine. 
  • Next, make sure the compartment has enough space for washing the clothes. You can check it by placing a hand with the lid open. If your hand can fit in without pushing the clothes aside, then you have done the right job.
  • You don’t have to use the preheated water in the fully-automatic machines. You can select the temperature and set it accordingly. Don’t forget to keep the fabric of clothes in mind and make sure you haven’t put your delicates inside if you are using the hot water.
  • After setting the temperature of the water, select the water cycle. A front-load machine has lots of options according to the fabrics of the clothes. Check the clothes’ labels to know the exact fiber and make sure you are selecting the wash cycle as per the care tag.
  • After selecting the wash cycle, push the start button, and let the machine do its work. Your clothes will be well washed and dried for you. 
  • Never let your clothes stay in the machine for longer once the wash cycle is finished. If they stay inside for much longer, they can start to smell because of the dampness. So take them out on time and let them dry appropriately in natural air under the sun.

How to wash clothes in a semi-automatic washing machine?

Semi-automatic washing machines are easy to use. It is because they don’t have advanced features. Moreover, you don’t have to pay as much as you pay for the fully-automatic washing machines. It is not a difficult task to learn how to wash clothes in a semi-automatic washing machine. Plus, this machine can wash all the clothes efficiently.

The process of washing clothes in a semi-automatic washing machine:
  • Fill the tub with water by adjusting the dials of the machine. You can fill up the washtub a little more than half.
  • After filling up the water, add detergent on a prior basis. It does not matter if you are using liquid detergent or powder detergent. When you put detergent in the washing machine before adding the clothes, it will get adequately dissolved, and there will be no lumps even if you have used powder detergent.
  • Separate the clothes according to the type of fabric and their colors. It is necessary because if you do not separate them, the colors will overlap.
  • Add clothes in the tub of the washing machine. Make sure that you are not overloading the machine. If there would be so many clothes, they will overflow.
  • After adding the proper quantity of water, clothes, and detergent, now it is time to select the wash cycle and let the clothes spin.
  • Instantly, with the completion of wash cycle, you should drain the water and rinse the clothes. If you want, you can add a fabric softener at this time.
  • Now that you have rinsed your clothes, you need to drain the water again and spin the clothes in the dryer. All of the semi-automatic machines have a separate compartment for drying the clothes. So, transfer them to the dryer tub after the rinsing.
  • Finally, please take out the clothes from the washing machine and hang them in the air to dry naturally. When you dry them in the open and expose to the sun, there would be no dampness.

Final Words

Washing machines have made our work easy and have allowed us to have some extra time to ourselves. There are two kinds of washing machines, and learning how to wash clothes in them is not a difficult task.

With this article’s help, you could learn how to wash clothes in a semi-automatic washing machine and fully-automatic washing machines. Make sure you keep all the points in your mind so that you can wash your clothes properly without causing them any damage.

Congratulations! You gained a lot of insight, knowledge & tips. You just became an expert in answering ‘How to wash clothes in a washing machine?’ 😉