Top 10 Home Workout For Women

home Workout For Women | Do you know? how exercise is important for our body to keep our body fit and free from disease. so you should check out the top 10 home workout for women. Exercise is too much important for our fitness, but in today’s busy working life go outside and perform exercise daily is not possible especially for women.

As we know women’s are the main key of life if they are fit and fine then, they can easily take care of their whole family but some women do not have time to do exercise outside the area.

whatever the reason behind this, some women have their family reason and some also have other problem.

When we search and read on any search engine we can find out many exercises to perform at home but here we will discuss the Top 10 Home Workout For Women. These all are beneficial for all the women and these can be easily performed at home.


This is a normal exercise which helps you to make stronger your leg, this exercise has different types as jump squats, sumo squats, Air squats etc. this exercise is beneficial for our upper and also for the lower body.

It helps to burn extra fat of our body and also make our leg bones strong, you should perform this exercise in different sets.

you can do four sets of 10 squats a time with the gap of 2 minutes after every set and also perform this exercise for 20 minutes.


Generally, you saw that men perform this exercise easily but women can also do this exercise at home and also easily, as this is an exercise in which our whole body parts will work almost every muscle of our body will stretch while performing this exercise.

In this exercise, you can also by making the different sets and you should do, at least 20 pushups in a day.

It helps you to make your shoulders strong and also your stomach and almost the whole body.

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Jump Rope

This is also a good exercise which you can do at your home just you need a jumping rope and little space where you can jump easily.

this exercise helps to make strong your leg bones and muscles both, it also helps to burn extra calories of our body.

you should perform this exercise once in the morning and should do 50 jumps a day using rope, as this exercise will keep you fit and healthy.


This is the most effective exercise for our whole body, you can perform this exercise as shown in the picture by holding your whole body on hand and with the support of a leg.

It is suggested that you should do plank on both sides and with the help of a single hand holding the whole body.

If you are doing this exercise the first time, the first time you should hold your body for at least 30 minutes in a single side position then you can change the side.

When you perform this exercise regularly, your time of holding the plank position will increase automatically and it makes your core muscles strong and also stomach muscles.

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This is a very easy exercise and also very helpful to keep your lower body strength, you just have to take posture as shown in the picture and perform this exercise.

Sit-Ups will help in making your upper body strength and also it is known as ABs exercise, this exercise also helps you to make your stomach stronger than a tummy stomach.

It gives a perfect shape to your stomach muscles and also helps to burn extra fat in your stomach.

You should do 50 Sit Ups in a day and you can increase it day by day according to your body strength.

Jumping Jacks

You can do this exercise when you start a workout in the morning or in the evening time. this is an interesting exercise as its name.

This exercise helps you to maintain flexibility in your body and also helps to grow taller, it makes our leg bones strong.

Jumping Jacks you can perform as shown in the picture by expending and folding your legs while jumping. This is also a good exercise that is included in the Top 10 Home Based Workouts for Women.

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Single-Leg Stand

This is a very easy exercise and in this exercise, your full bodywork and also your brain will work.

As you stand on a single leg and try to balance your body, this will help the balancing power of your body and also the concentration power of your mind.

You should do this exercise on both legs one by one, stand on a single leg one time for 20 seconds and then on another leg and you can increase tins time day by day as you perform it daily time will increase automatically.

Breath In and Breath Out

Now you think that this can be also an exercise, yes it is an exercise it is helpful when you perform this exercise in the morning time in an open place.

 You should make posture like shown in the picture then one-time breath in and then hold it for some seconds and then slowly breath out, repeat this step at least 10 times and then take rest of 10 seconds then do it again.

You should repeat this exercise 5 times, it will help you to keep your lungs strong and also provide fresh air to your lungs.

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Bridge Posture

the Bridge posture is one of the most effective exercises for our digestive system and also for our back.

You just lie on your back and then keep your body straight and then make posture like shown in the picture, hold it for some seconds and then again lay on your back, repeat this position at least 10 times.

Tips While Performing Exercise

  • Always do a proper warm-up before doing exercise.
  • If you are doing any exercise the first time then you should do little and you can increase it day by day.
  • Should do the exercise once a day, I suggest to do exercise in the morning but you can also do it in the evening.
  • Always perform the exercise with an empty stomach, if you do exercise after eating food it can cause any kind of stomach problem.
  • you can drink water before doing exercises or after exercise have done and also while doing exercise in a little amount.

Conclusion: –

Here we have discussed some top 10 home workout for women, these all are very beneficial for every woman they can do all these exercises easily at home.

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