Best Refrigerator In India : Review & Buying Guide

There was a time when Refrigerators were considering to be luxury items. But nowadays Refrigerators have become a necessity. You can’t imagine a modern household kitchen without any refrigerator. So we will be reviewing the list of Best Refrigerator in India.

Apart from quenching your thirst with cool water refrigerators help you keep your fruits, vegetables, and other edible items fresh for a longer period of time.

If you are foodie then you can’t deny the perks of storing ice-cream and desserts for longer time. It preserves the nutrients in the food which leads to a healthier life.

But having said that buying a refrigerator is a big investment so you need to be smart about the purchase. Frankly, among so many options available it’s quite natural to get overwhelmed, but we at review have your back. We will help you in deciding which refrigerator to buy if you are looking for Best Refrigerator in India.

The purchase decision to choose a refrigerator depends on many factors such as storage capacity, type of refrigerator, cooling capacity, family size, budget, eating habits etc. and so many other things as well.

In this guide we shall tell you about how to choose the Best Refrigerator In India for your and family needs. Best Refrigerator in India list contains a list of 10 refrigerators in India. We have included multiple popular brands based on their review and popularity.Types Of Best Refrigerator In India

Currently in India mainly five types of refrigerators are available based on their design.

1. Single Door Refrigerator

Going by the name of this type, it should be a no brainer. This type of refrigerator has a single door. This is the most basic type of the refrigerator available in the market.

This type of refrigerator is quite suitable for individuals, couples, and small families. The freezer and the vegetable box are part of the single unit as a whole and are contained inside the refrigerator itself.

2. Double Door Refrigerator

This kind of refrigerator is somewhat bigger than the single door refrigerators. As the name implies this type has double doors in the front. One door covers the freezer compartment whereas the other one covers the freezer one. Such type of fridges also come in convertible variant. You can use the freezer as refrigerator as and when required.

3. Triple Door Refrigerator

This kind of refrigerator comes with three doors. The three doors are used to cover refrigerator, freezer and vegetable compartment respectively. By having three separate compartments odour mixing is totally avoided and it provides freshness along with authentic taste.

4. Side by Side Door Refrigerator

By looks these kind of refrigerators look quite similar to the cupboards. It has two doors side by side. Usually these kind of refrigerators have mammoth capacity and feature ice and water dispenser. Water dispensers help in filling the glass without any need to open the door. The cupboard like design gives enough space for storage. It maintains the coolness thereby helping with energy expenditure.

5. Bottom Mounted Refrigerator

This is a new trend in the Indian refrigerator market. This type of refrigerator has a reverse design than the normal ones. These refrigerators contain the fridge at the bottom and the refrigerator at the top. This has an ergonomic advantage of users don’t need to bend while taking out the food items and fresh fruits, vegetables.

Capacity & Family Size

Capacity of the freeze is an important metric to decide upon while purchasing the Best Refrigerator In India. To estimate the capacity of the freeze one should buy, size of the family is a good indicator. You may decide upon the capacity of the freeze you need to buy based on the below chart.

Refrigerator Capacity Chart According To Family Size
  • For a family which has just 2 members, a refrigerator with a capacity of fewer than 200 litres is enough.
  • For a family of size 3 to 4 members refrigerators unto 300 litres are enough.
  • If your family contains 4 to 5 members consider going with refrigerator of size unto 350 litres.
  • And if the family is big and has more than 6 members, then one should ideally go with refrigerator of size unto 500 litres.

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Defrosting Type

Based on the defrosting type there are mainly two types of Refrigerators.

1. Direct Cool Refrigerators

Direct cool refrigerators produce lower temperatures through a natural convection process. All the refrigerators that are direct cool need to defrost manually and periodically. All direct cool refrigerators come with single door option.

This type of refrigerators need lesser electricity and thus are cheaper on electricity budgets. If the budget is a constraint or smaller capacity is sufficient for your need, you can go with Direct Cool Refrigerators.

2. Frost Free Refrigerator

In this type of refrigerator, the defrosting cycle works in periodic intervals and removes the frost. Nowadays all modern refrigerators come with frost-free functionality. Electric fans use to evenly circulate the cool air inside the refrigerator.

Usually this type consumes more power than direct cool refrigerators and have a longer life as compared to the direct cooling ones.

Energy Rating

The energy efficiency of any refrigerator is measured on the scale of EER (Energy Efficiency Rating). This star rating varies on the scale of 1 o 5 and tells how’s much of electricity units are consumed by the refrigerator. 5 star is the most efficient and 1 star is the least efficient.

The More Stars The More Energy Efficient

It should however be also kept in mind that as the star rating increases the price of the refrigerator increases as well.

Bottom Line : Don’t be obsessed over star rating since this metric is not well established or defined in India as compared to the developed countries. Anything over a 3 is a good option if the other details of the refrigerator fit your requirement.

Inverter Compressor

The Inverter technology helps in saving electricity and also improve the life span of the refrigerators. It also increases the life of the compressor. Just like the Inverter Split AC, refrigerators also nowadays are equipped with this technology.

It works by throttling down the compressor working when the temperature falls down the required temperature and when the cooling is required again the compressor starts functioning at required capacity again. By doing so around 37% of electricity consumption is reduced. A general good rule of thumb while buying the Best Refrigerator In India is to go with the Inverter technology enabled Refrigerators.

Best Refrigerator In India Features

Apart from the regular features and the generic ones that every refrigerator has, refrigerators also come with other ‘smart’ and not so smart features which are listed below

1. Shelves

Shelves come in three varieties. Wire, Acrylic and Tempered Glass. The Tempered Glass is the strongest one.

2. Adjustable Shelves & Bottle Racks

Many refrigerators come with this option where the shelves are adjustable and may be moved removed to make space for larger items.

3. Water & Ice Dispensers

These dispensers provide you with water and ice without even have to open the door. These dispensers need constant water supply however.

4. Quick Freeze Units

These units are capable to making ice in minutes. Quite handy and helpful feature if you need ice frequently.

5. Separators

Separators are something which help in separating the fruits and vegetables in different boxes. This essentially helps in organising the refrigerator better.

6. Deodorizer

The deodorizer helps in removing the foul smell with the help of filters and other related technologies and thus keeps the items inside fresh.

7. Noise

It’s a nice comfort feature to have because no one likes un necessary noises from their appliances. Good refrigerators don’t make much noise and are mostly calm.

8. Moisture Control

Moisture control helps in keeping the moisture in check inside your refrigerator and thus maintain the freshness of greens and fruits for a longer duration of time.

9. Built in voltage stabiliser

Voltage fluctuation is a common sight in India. Apart from having any external stabiliser the inbuilt units help in warding off any erratic voltage fluctuations and thus enhance the life span of the Refrigerator.

10. Cool Pack

The cool pack feature contains a cooling gel that ensures maintaining the temperature inside the refrigerator even in the cases of power outages.

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Buy Best Refrigerator In India Online

We know there are many folks who think twice before buying any item online and even more in cases when the item is something costly like an Air Conditioner or a Refrigerator. But, thanks to the advancement of technology and a customer-centric business approach, buying any item online is your best in getting a quality product. Unlike the physical stores, you don’t have to bargain with a salesman and other things. We trust Amazon India for their brilliant customer chat support if something goes haywire. Thus, putting a final and full stop to all such thoughts go ahead with buying all your needs online. There is nothing bad or risky with doing so.