Band saw Blades Purchasing Tips

Tips For Purchasing Band saw Blades

When using a band saw, you should order at least one good quality band saw blade. Purchasing a decent blade will make a big difference in the way your band saw works.

The cut quality will be higher and the experience you will have with the band saw will be better when you get the right band saw blade for your personal needs. By simply changing the blade, a seemingly poor quality band saw can be transformed into an efficient and user-friendly cutting machine.

There are a few things you should be aware of and consider when purchasing band saws including the price, quality, and care of the blades. Price may be one of the biggest concerns when purchasing a band saw blade.

Band Saw Blade Price

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When looking into the price, evaluate what type of projects you will use your band saw for. This will change the type and quality of blades you will need to get. The higher the quality, the higher the price will be. Remember, when you purchase a higher quality blade and the better you care for them the more efficient and effective they will be over the course of using the blades.

When buying band saw blades, you should be aware of the quality of the blade. Knowing this information will help you to determine approximately how long the blades will last, the price range, and what kind of materials you can use.

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Choose Best Quality BandSaw Blade

To help you determine the quality you will need for your band saw blades here are some things you should evaluate. First, determine how often you will need to use your band saw.

This will help you decide what type of quality blades you need. If you will be using them on a daily basis go for a higher quality blade, whereas, use of blades only every so often might allow you to go for a slightly lower quality blade.

Second, the measure of a high-quality blade can be seen by not just how well it cuts, but by how well it actually runs in a band saw. Low levels of vibration indicate a well-made blade and will increase the blade’s performance.

So be sure to find blades that will complement your band saw. Third, determine which materials you will be cutting the most. For example, some blades cut green wood better than seasoned wood. Depending on the strengths and weaknesses of various blades you may want to purchase a different blade with various qualities.

There are a few different features to choose from on band saw blades including the number of teeth on the blade and the width of the blade. The number of teeth per inch on the blade is an important number.

This number determines the type of cutting the blade is most suited for. The number of teeth per inch will change the cutting speed, cutting efficiency, and ultimately how clean the cut edge is. The width of the blade, from the front of the tooth to the back of the blade, is also important. The width determines, basically, how tight a radius can be cut, as well as, how much potential for blade flex there may be during a cut.

Care – Band Saw maintenance

Caring for your band saw blades is important. By taking good care of them you can maintain good performance from your blades and increase the life of your blades and band saw.

First, take care not to force the blade to cut. Be patient and allow the blade to cut at its own speed.

Be careful to guide the material through a cut with light pressure against the blade. This will not only prolong the life of your blade but will also take the load off your machinery, prolonging its life as well.

Second, keep your blades sharp. Having dull blades can lead to more injuries and slower working speeds.

Third, the use of a band saw blade lubricant can be effective in improving cutting performance. The lubricant reduces heat buildup on the blade through fiction and ultimately extends the life of the band saw blades.

Also, the blade lube stick is a cheap method and can help achieve better performance and extend the life of your blades. When the purchasing band saw blades, be sure to evaluate your personal requirements when it comes to the price, the quality, and the care of the band saw blades.

These tips will help you to maintain efficiency throughout the lifetime of your blades.

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